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BiologicTx Therapeutic Expertise  |  Transplant Services



BiologicTx’s primary objective is to reduce antibodies, enabling patients to receive transplantation minimizing rejection and reduce overall healthcare expenditures by significantly reducing dialysis days.


Our experienced Transplant Nurse Coordinators work with your center to assist in protocol development, coordinate patient contact and consents, provide monthly patient data outcome reports, arrange for PRA samples to be sent to HLA Labs, meet monthly with the team and provide overall medical and administrative patient management.


An experienced infusion nurse will administer the desensitization treatment prior to dialysis, minimizing any side effects or adverse reactions due to fluid volume. BiologicTx uses a targeted approach by prescreening patients MFI’s/DSA’s with the HLA laboratory. This significantly increases favorable patient outcomes and responses to treatment.


BiologicTx can also assist in reducing the length of stay and eliminate costly therapies by developing a protocol with the hospital, whereby, once a patient is admitted for Acute/Chronic AMR, they can be quickly discharged and treated at home in an outpatient setting.


There are no costs associated with BiologicTx’s specialized services. Our authorization team works directly with the insurance carriers, obtaining approval for treatments and assumes all financial responsibilities for reimbursement.