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therapeutic expertise, ivig infusion

BiologicTx Therapeutic Expertise  |  Overview


BiologicTx supports patient populations across the transplant continuum. Our pre-transplant therapeutic interventions combined with our post-transplant management of immunosuppressive medication regimens facilitates optimal patient outcomes.


The BiologicTx management team has unparalleled transplant therapy expertise in:


Desensitization Therapy: Provided for highly sensitized, pre-transplant patients, including heart and lung patients, by administering Ig and other biologics, resulting in increased likelihood of successful transplantation.


Immunosuppressive Medications: Dispensing, management, and compliance on a national scale


Supportive Therapies: Provided for solid organ recipients to treat infection, heart failure, CMV, and BK with antivirals and inotropes


Antibody Mediated Rejection (AMR): Provided for solid organ transplant recipients


Robust Digital Health Technology: Assisting centers in the rapid and accurate identification of kidney paired donation matches and therapeutic monitoring


Research: Measuring the efficacy of biologics in Preemptive DSA Treatments, Chronic AMR, Desensitization, and Paired Donation Desensitization