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BiologicTx MatchGrid™

BiologicTx MatchGrid™ is a proprietary, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based software that utilizes advanced matching and optimization algorithms with the ability to evaluate all 2-way through 12-way donor/recipient combination within minutes. MatchGrid also optimizes the number of transplants for a given pool of donor/recipient pairs, ensuring the maximum number of transplants for the most difficult people to match.

Additional features of MatchGrid include:

  • Speed: Ability to match large number of matches per second with longer chains in minutes. Allows transplant centers to identify and manipulate matches in significantly less time than previous matching methods.
  • Aggregation: Merge various patient pools to enhance opportunities for matches. Can be scaled from a small hospital network to regional/national chains.
  • Flexibility: Dedicated development team with the capability of fulfilling individual transplant centers customization requests
  • Multi-Level Scoring System: MatchGrid provides generalized scoring based on blood type, cPRA, age difference, and mismatch scoring. In addition, the software also allows for customized weighted scoring by applying a higher “points” value to desirable key attributes and lower values to those less desirable. These allow greater opportunity for optimal matches to be identified.
  • Filtering Options: Allows users to narrow down a large list of identified matches to find targeted matches.
  • Back Up Matches: In the event a donor or recipient in an identified chain is unable to move to transplant, MatchGrid identifies suitable back up options to keep the chain from unraveling and to move to transplant as quickly as possible.


Matches Dashboard

Shows all previously found matches of varying chain length as well as donor/recipient statistical information.


Pool, Donor, and Recipient Dashboards

Allow transplant centers options to see, edit, and modify patients in MatchGrid.

  • Pool Dashboard: Displays all uploaded recipients with their original intended donors.
  • Donor Dashboard:  The Donor Dashboard displays donors in the database without reference to their intended recipient.
  • Recipient Dashboard:  The Recipient Dashboard displays all recipients in the database without reference to their intended donor.  Users can also create and modify personal preferences specific to individual recipients and utilize predictive model scenarios for patient outcomes.


Admin Dashboard

Provides the user with various tools to assist in the utilization of BiologicTx

MatchGrid including:

  • Global Preferences: Set up transplant center specific preferences for the entire pool of patients in database
  • Multi-Level Scoring System: Detailed templated scoring options as well as customized weighted options based upon desirable attributes
  • Time Machine: Allows the user to take a snapshot of the current matchrun or restore MatchGrid to a previous point in time from a list of snapshots
  • File Tool: Interface to import and edit the patient pool