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Managed Care

BiologicTx was founded as the first, solely focused infusion and pharmacy provider of biologic and oral transplant therapy management.  Since then, BiologicTx has expanded its services to integrate transplant therapies paired with digital health technology, providing a complete representation of the patient’s response to therapy.  We offer a broad range of specialty infusion services in transplant, neurology, hematology, and immunology.


Services provided by BiologicTx include:

  • Solid Organ Transplant:  Desensitization therapy, Antibody Mediated Rejection (AMR), Supportive Therapies for treatment of CMV and BK, and Immunosuppressive Therapies.
  • Medication Access:  Pharmaceutical contracts for limited distribution medications including, but not limited to, Soliris, Nulojix, and Hizentra.
  • Nursing Services:  One-on-One nursing visits in the patient’s home by our trained infusion nurses.
  • Clinical Trials:  Currently engaged in clinical trials that address the spectrum of challenges faced by transplantation, involving biologics from immunology to oncology, advancing the science through aggressive immune modulation protocols.
  • Digital Health Platform:  Discovery 2 Life (D2L) Digital Health Platform includes:
    • BiologicTx Sequence:  A systematic database combining drug therapy interventions administered by BiologicTx with transplant center tissue typing, DSA information, and patient specific data – providing the transplant center with a global picture of the therapeutic impact and efficacy of prescribed medications.
    • BiologicTx MatchGrid:  A proprietary, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based software that utilizes advanced matching and optimization algorithms with the ability to evaluate infinite donor/recipient combinations within minutes.
  • Paired Donation Program:  Utilizing BiologicTx MatchGrid, our Paired Donation Program includes compatible pairs to increase transplant opportunities for incompatible pairs and find better matches for compatible pairs.  This can be accomplished in a single-center, regional, or national setting.
  • BiologicTx Specialty:  Care for chronic conditions such as Neurology, Hematology, Immunology, and Parental Nutrition.


Our combination of advanced therapeutics and digital health assists our Managed Care Partners in achieving better outcomes and cost savings.


For more information on our services and capabilities, please click through to our complete Managed Care Dossier below.


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