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about biologictx, transplant specialty pharmacy

BiologicTx® Clinical Trials  |  Overview


BiologicTx is currently engaged in clinical trials that address the spectrum of challenges faced by transplantation, involving biologics from immunology to oncology, advancing the science through aggressive immune modulation protocols.


We are committed to providing the means, data, and support necessary to advance the use of biologics effectively within solid organ transplantation. Our goal is to enhance the safety and quality of the therapies prescribed to patients and reduce overall healthcare expenditures. We accomplish this by aiding targeted research with a direct impact in paired donation desensitization, living and deceased donor desensitization, preemptive DSA, and acute/chronic biologic therapeutic interventions.


We provide the following clinical trial services directly through one of our strategic partners:


  • Transplant focused Clinical Research Organization (CRO services)
  • Trial design consultation
  • Research Coordinator
  • Collection of data
  • Drug and administration
  • Publication strategy and assistance
  • Financial sponsorship and support