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about biologictx, transplant specialty pharmacy

About BiologicTx  |  Our Vision


Our founding mission and long-term commitment is to lead, manage, and care for transplant patients with the highest level of support, education, and integrity.


BiologicTx®, a BioMatrix specialty pharmacy, was founded as the first solely focused infusion and pharmacy provider of biologic and oral transplant therapy management. BiologicTx integrates desensitization and immunosuppressive transplant services with advanced digital health technology to produce positive patient outcomes.


Prior to transplant, our Kidney Paired Donation application matches living donors rapidly and with precision accuracy, while our desensitization program prepares even the most sensitized patients for transplant. Before and after transplant, our web based platform captures key outcomes data, providing a complete representation of the patient’s response to prescribed therapy.


BiologicTx is led by dedicated professionals who are achieving favorable patient outcomes worldwide through advancing the latest protocols in desensitization, immunosuppressive regimens, and rejection treatments. We deliver efficient, start to finish services throughout the entire transplant continuum. Acting in concert with your transplant center’s medical team, we provide the information, tools, and support to facilitate more successful transplants.


Our services are providing hope and a better quality of life for patients.