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about biologictx, transplant specialty pharmacy

About BiologicTx  |  Vision


Our fundamental philosophy is to lead, manage, and care for transplant patients with the highest level of respect, integrity, and dignity.


BiologicTx, a member of the BioMatrix family of companies, founded as the first solely focused infusion and pharmacy provider of biologic and oral transplant therapy management, is comprised of dedicated professionals that strive to advance desensitization, immunosuppressive, and rejection treatments, worldwide, resulting in progressive and favorable patient outcomes.


At BiologicTx, we specialize in solid organ transplant services and provide the highest quality patient care. We deliver efficient, start to finish services beginning with the insurance authorization process to establish therapeutic services in the home and clinic. We act in concert with your transplant center medical team to provide a consistent stream of information and clinical services. In doing so, we provide hope and a better quality of life to our patients.


BioMatrix SpRx offers comprehensive nationwide specialty pharmacy services and digital health technology solutions for a range of chronic health conditions. Our growing family of companies unites leaders in the specialty pharmacy industry to improve health and empower patients to experience a higher quality of life. The current BioMatrix family of companies includes Matrix Health Group, Factor Support Network, Medex BioCare, BiologicTx, and Elwyn Pharmacy Group.